Rick Reed, a Fort Pierce native who's family came to Fort Pierce from Miami in 1952 and purchased automobile dealerships and commercial real estate.

Rick is passionate about his Community and is involved in Civic and Watchdog Organizations. Rick's passion includes lobbing our local Government Employees, Police Officials and Elected Officials to be accountable to the taxpayer and promoting smart growth, creating and expanding employment and providing for and assisting the less fortunate in our community with private funds.

The concept and acquisition of Sweeties Dinner reinforced the desire to create needed employment and enhance the business climate in Fort Pierce. Further, utilizing the Sweetie's Sign Rick has raised awareness of issues that are of concern to our Community and holding and exposing our Elected Public Officials accountable to the Citizens they serve. The Sweeties Sign has also become famous featuring over two million views on Facebook as well being featured in the Daily Mail as well as other National News Publications.

Sweeties Diner is named after Rick's Maternal Grandmother, Martha Borton. Sweetie was the nickname everyone called his grandmother. In keeping with his grandmother, who was a perfectionist, Sweeties Diner mirrors her insistence that good food, good service and cleanliness should be the norm not the exception.

Meet the Chef

sweeties diner chefJoaquin Flores, Our main chef at Sweeties Diner, Joaquin Flores was born in Calvillo, Aguascalientes, Mexico. He was raised there and later on at the age of seventeen, he moved to Chicago, Illinois, where he discovered his passion for the culinary arts. He had always been interested in cooking because he was heavily involved in helping his father cook.


His style of cooking derives from Chicago, but his Mexican background, specifically from Jaltiche, affects his style of cooking. However, due to his extensive amount of experience, he can cook and prepare several different cuisines. He perfected his skills whilst working at Bradley’s Garden for five years and continued to work at different various restaurants.


Throughout this period of time, he met his wife, Leticia Flores and created a family, which consists of their four children- Leslie, Vanessa, Joaquin, and Jimena Flores. After twenty-five years of living in Chicago, Joaquin and his family decided to move to Florida.


Because of Joaquin’s dedication and love for food, he has proved to be one of Sweeties most important assets.